Bulk Certified Mail

Sending Bulk Certified Mail

Bulk Certified Mail has never been eaiser

We have developed some rather unique solutions to sending large quantities of certified mail at amazing speeds.

Our process is rich with automation, proprietary software and ingenuity, allowing us to mail certified mail by the 1000's in short order.

Certified Mail Barcodes are assigned to and printed on the documents during the printing of the original document which eliminates the process of hand applying the certified barcodes.

With the barcode assigned during printing, the mailing address is automatically tied to the barcode so the mail piece can be tracked by name, address or tracking number.

Our online tools allow you to see any document that was sent and the tracking details each time the USPS scans the mail piece. In addition, you may view the electronic signature when it is made available by the USPS.

Getting Started

How do I send bulk certified mail?

There's not much required to get started. Get started now or call our Sales Department and be prepared to streamline your mailing.

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Features and Benefits

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Track Certified Mail

For batch tracking of Certified Mail call us and discover how we simplify tracking your mail.

Track any piece of certified mail, whether we sent it for you or not.