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Letter Making Options

Express Letter

Same Contents to All Recipients

Starting at $1.00 each


  • Addresses are not on the document.
    They are printed on the outside of the envelope only.
  • Each recipient envelope contains the exact same documents.
  • CSV data file is required.
  • #10 (standard business size) envelope without windows, custom printed with you recipient address and return address. Return address logo and endorsement line printing are optional.
Best Value

Windowed Letters

Each recipient gets something slightly different

Starting at $1.02 each


  • Addresses are on the document.
    The addresses show through the windows of the envelope. (Coversheet option available at additional cost)
  • Often used for Bills and Statements
  • CSV file can be provided OR
    Data can be already merged into the document by you
  • #10 (standard business size) envelope with two windows for document content to show through.

Certified Letter Options

Letter Highlights

Our mail making tools have so many options, the best way to sort through the pieces and options is to simply get started. Decide which letter type best fits what you have and click Get Started.

You will have the ability to print on one side or both sides of paper; choose between white, a multitude of colors, even pre-perforated paper; decide whether you want black and white or full color printing; easily add return or remittance envelopes to your mailing with or without a pre-applied postage stamp; add an eye catching message to the outside of the letter; our letter tools were designed to handle most business letter mailings.

Pricing Options -- So Many !

  • Add $.06 for additional side black and white printing.
  • Add $.12 for additional sheet with black ink on one side.
  • Add $.03 for color paper
  • Add $.20 per printed side for full color printing
  • Add $.15 for a return envelope
  • Add $.77 for a return envelope with a first-class stamp
  • Add as many sheets as necessary.
  • Add $.15 for each additional ounce (we'll help you determine that)