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USPS Rate Increases go into effect on January 27, 2013

The price of a First-Class stamp will increase from $.45 to $.46 on 01/27/2013. The rate increase was approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (www.prc.gov) in November of 2012. The PRC agreed that the USPS price increases were at, or below, the consumer price index cap and that the new rates met other conditions needed for approval.

While the USPS offers many mailing services and prices, the retail prices offered by the USPS for First-Class mail products will have minimal price increases. A First-Class stamp will go up a single cent from $.45 to $.46. In addition, a stamp for a First-Class postcard (postcards measuring 4.25 inches by 6 inches or less) will also increase by a single cent; increasing to $.33 each, up from 32 cents.

The 2013 price increase has been rather difficult to find on the USPS website as they have been pointing users to download various csv files containing prices for many different mail types instead of providing their typical postage rate chart. In addition, online postage calculators provided on the usps website have been incorrect for calculating the postage on future mailings. However, when the new USPS prices go into affect in January 2013, the online postage calculators will probably be updated to reflect the current pricing.

In the mean time, we have found a link on the usps website where the 2013 postage rate chart can be more easily read. The url below links to the USPS Domestic Mail Manual which more clearly shows the postage prices taking effect on January 27, 2013.


Other retail price changes include increases to Certified Mail prices. Certified Mail base fees will increase to $3.10. This price combined with a necessary First-Class stamp ($.46) and Return Receipt ($2.55) pushes Certified Mail fees as high as $6.11 for a 1 ounce letter. Additional ounce pricing for First-Class mail remains unchanged at $.20 per ounce.

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