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Address List Correction - CASS/NCOA

Now you can reduce the cost of your mailing and improve deliverability by requesting that we clean your mailing address list for you.

Our Services include:

  • Flagging or removing duplicate records
  • Correcting Street and City spelling
  • Adding Zip+4 zip codes
  • Standardizing abbreviations
  • Formatting addresses to meet USPS standards

We can also provide Delivery Point Validation. This process determines whether the house or street number associated with a street address falls within the range of house numbers that exist for that specific street.

For even greater deliverability, ask for NCOA (National Change of Address) information. With this process we can determine if any of the individuals on your mailing list have moved in the last 18 months and provide you with their new address. When someone moves and has a postal address change that information is logged in the US Postal Service change of address system and we can provide you with their new or updated postal address.

Whether you have an active mailing that you are working on or not, you can still benefit from having correct and up-do-date addresses.

Returned Mail is EXPENSIVE!

Don't let the costs pile up

There are many benefits of keeping your mailing list accurate, standardized and up-to-date.

By correcting your list and getting new addresses for anyone who has moved, you'll quickly benefit in these areas:

  • Reduced Costs for Mailings - bad addresses can be removed so you won't pay the cost for pieces that won't be delivered.
  • Reduce Costs for Return Processing - chances are someone in your organization has a stack of returned mail that, someday, they will attempt to correct in your software. Using our service will not only reduce the cost of this process, but will assure you that it is taken care of.
  • Improve compliance - if you are required to notify individuals or at least give it a best efforts try, it will be important for you to have your list professional corrected.
  • Be Green - literally tons of paper and envelopes are produced each, printed, mailed, flown and driven around the country, returned and then deposited in the trash.

Getting Started

Many organizations don't properly clean their address lists because it is simply too complicated and time consuming for most people.

We have attempted to take the frustration out of the process by allowing you to send your data to us for quick and timely processing.

Get Started Now or give us a call at 1-888-501-5288