Send USPS Certified Mail Online

Sending a USPS Certified Mail

Bulk Certified Mail

Whether you need to send just one Certified letter or thousands, we have solutions that are right for you. All Certified Mail Services include printing, folding, inserting, and delivery to the USPS, saving 95% of the time and labor that gets tied up sending Certified Mail.

Pre-compiled Document
If your software produces finished letters with address data already merged, we have an innovative way to send these with ease. We can extract the address information, and print the Certified Mail Tracking Barcode directly on your existing documents.

Recurring Mailings
If you send the same form letter over and over again but to different people or with different data files, we can create an online template for you to upload data against. Simply choose your template, upload the data, and we instantly create the mail-merged documents.

Sending One or Many
If you need to send hundreds or thousands of letters, we can handle that too. Contact us to learn how we can assist with your bulk certified mail.

Getting Started

How do I send bulk certified mail?

There's not much required to get started. Get started now or call our Sales Department and be prepared to streamline your mailing.

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Tracking information always available to you.
We organize all of your documents tracking data and signatures for you, so the data you need is always easy to find. We even keep it available to you longer than the USPS website.

Signatures, if captured, are always filed properly.
Ever go to the file for the green card, knowing that you received it, but its not there? Misfiling is a common problem, but not with LetterStream. The signature becomes an electronic record and is attached to the original letter and tracking data.

Letters are Mailed Promptly.
Let's face it, sending certified mail is tedious and time-consuming work. There are many things that can distract staff from getting it done promptly. Our automated system makes it fast and easy for your employees. All jobs are mailed by the next business day, and most are mailed the same day we receive them.

Staff Reduction
Let's face it. Sending Certified mail is an extremely time consuming process. Even if the letters are ready to mail, there is still a trip to the Post Office, there is still someone keeping track of all the paperwork, and there is still someone filing away the green cards. With our process, all of this goes away, you simply send your documents or your data to us and we do the rest.

Perfectly Organized
Have you ever needed to send paperwork to your Attorney quickly only to discover that the paperwork was not in the file, not filed properly or out of the office with another associate? Or maybe, seen the green card arrive but realize it didn't make it to the right folder? Or perhaps you've attempted to get the tracking details from the USPS only to discover that they had archived the data and it was no longer online? We keep your data organized online, just the way you need it and we keep it available for instant, online access longer than the USPS does.


Our Certified Mail products are feature-rich, designed to provide you with easy to use, time saving tools.

No Forms - There are no forms to purchase, no US Postal Service certified mail receipts to fill out and no documents to organize. We keep track of everything online.

No Supplies - In addition to no forms, there are no supplies to order or manage, it is all handled by us.

Just Minutes - What used to take hours or days can now be done in just a few minutes.

Online Templates - if you use our template solution, we keep your letters online so they are ready to use when you are ready to mail them.

No Filing - No forms also means no filing of the green cards. The signatures are available online.

Organized - We keep your letter, the USPS tracking data and the signature online for easy viewing and retrieval.

Real-Time Tracking - The status of any letter is never in question, you can track any letter that you've sent and you won't even need to enter the tracking number, simply click on the recipient's name to see the details.

Unique USPS Integration

Through a unique integration with the United States Postal Service (USPS), LetterStream can automate your Certified Mail processing, reducing a process that would normally take days down to a couple of minutes. Imagine... you can eliminate every headache of preparing certified mail with LetterStream's Online Certified Mail Process. Never before has Certified Mail been so easy.

How much is certified mail?

The cost of sending USPS Certified Mail via LetterStream includes a certified mail fee in addition to the regular postage rates. The certified mail fee covers the extra services and features provided by USPS, such as proof of mailing and delivery confirmation. The exact cost may vary depending on the weight, destination, and other factors, but it provides an affordable and reliable method for sending important correspondence with added security.

When considering the overall mail cost for sending USPS Certified Mail via LetterStream, it includes the postage, certified mail fee, and any additional services, such as certified return receipt. The specific cost may vary based on the weight, size, destination, and selected services. However, the added benefits of certified mail tracking, proof of mailing, and delivery confirmation make it a cost-effective solution for important correspondence that requires accountability and security.

When to send certified mail

USPS provides proof of mailing when you use Certified Mail. This proof serves as evidence that your item was presented to the postal service for mailing. It is an important document for record-keeping purposes and can be used to demonstrate compliance with mailing regulations or legal requirements. With features such as certified mail receipt, certified return receipt, and tracking capabilities, you have access to a robust system that provides peace of mind, documentation, and accountability.

Track Certified Mail

For batch tracking of Certified Mail call us and discover how we simplify tracking your mail.

Track any piece of certified mail, whether we sent it for you or not. Here is some additional information about tracking certified mail delivery status.