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Tracking Certified Mail Delivery Status

How to track certified mail online?

The quick answer for tracking certified mail online is to simply enter the tracking number on the right side of this page. You might need to scroll down but you will see a box that says Certified Mail Tracking. Enter your 20-digit certified mail tracking number here and we'll pull up a list of all the USPS letter tracking scans.

We can track your letter even if you didn't use our online tools to create your certified letter; simply enter your number and click the "track it" button. If you didn't find the results you were looking for, you might want to try and re-enter the number and make sure that you enter all 20 digits.

How long does it take for certified mail to arrive?

USPS Certified Mail travels at the same speed as First-Class mail. It is considered First-Class mail and requires first class postage in addition to the certified mail fees.

We've found that Certified Mail arrives at its destination in 1 to 5 days. Local city delivery is the fastest and it slows down the further away it travels and the smaller the destination city.

Keep in mind, the post office doesn't always capture every action that they are supposed to and it could take some time for the letter to be delivered or returned to you.

Why hasn't my certified letter been delivered?

If your certified letter has been accepted and is being tracked by the postal service, you might want to give it some extra time. If all goes well, your letter will be delivered within 10 days. If the recipient is not home, the letter will get returned to the local post office. The Post Office is not required to make delivery on Certified Mail letters; their obligation is to try and make delivery. If no one answers the door, they place a sticker (ps form xxx) on the door or in the mail box letting the recipient know that a certified letter is at the post office for them to pick up.

What if the post office can't deliver my certified letter?

After putting a notice on the door for the recipient the Certified letter is taken back to the post office and is held up to 15 days waiting for the rightful owner to come in and claim it. If the recipient doesn't pick up the letter at the post office, the postal service will return the letter to the sender of the piece.

Batch Tracking of Certified Mail

For batch tracking of Certified Mail, call us at 1-888-501-5288 and discover how LetterStream can simplify tracking your mail.

Track any piece of certified mail, whether we sent it for you or not.