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Whether you are starting with a print ready PDF file or you have a CSV formatted mailing list, we offer a variety of tools that allow you to create the letter of your choice. And we are always here to help you through the process.

Outer envelope options include windowed and non-windowed printed envelopes. Our tools allow you to include additional documents to be inserted into your mailing as well as providing options to include return envelopes. Whatever your request, we will work with you to provide a fast, easy and cost-effective solution.

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Statements and Invoices

Statements and Invoices

We offer a number of solutions to help you with your statement and invoice mailings. If you have a data stream, we will create a document template or we can use your print-ready pdf files.

If you are looking for a simple solution for your weekly statement mailing, we've got you covered. We currently produce nearly a quarter million weekly statements for our food service customers and we can help you out as well.

Year End Statements

For organizations that require year-end statement mailings, let us help eliminate the burden on staff and resources that this process creates.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail is a domestic postal product in which the sending and receipt of a letter or large envelope are tracked and recorded.

#10 Three Window Envelope

We offer a variety of tools that make the process fast and simple.

Thick Packet (Flat) Certified Envelope

We even offer Certified Flats when you need to send a large number of pages via certified mail!

Learn More about certified mail

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Fast and efficient

Postcards offer an economical alternative to letters in some cases. Available in both color and black and white printing, our postcards are printed both sides on quality cardstock. You simply need a CSV formatted mailing list to get started.

Read about how some of our customers are using postcards in smart ways to reduce their expenditures and give thanks to those who deserve it.

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Flats Mailings

When a normal mailing just won't fit.

When you have a thick packet of material to mail, a flats mailing (large 9"x12" flat envelope) generally does the trick.

Flats envelopes are capable of holding up to 75 sheets of paper and can be mailed first-class or certified.

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Address List Cleanup (CASS and NCOA)

Stop wasting money sending undeliverable mail.

Undeliverable mail is a costly problem. Our address list cleanup and verification services can help you eliminate this expense.

See more information about mailing list cleanup, or log in and choose the Address Cleanup option.

Pricing based on quantity and type of list cleanup

Coupon Booklets and Coupon Sheets

Keep your cash-flow coming.

Payment coupons can be complicated and frustrating to create, so we've created simple to use coupon solutions.

Simply upload a CSV formatted mailing list to get started. Our tools will walk you through a few simple steps and the coupon headache will be gone before you know it.

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*includes a 12 months of coupon with scan lines and stubs, mailed first-class in a #10 envelope

Ballot and Proxy Mailings

Annual Meeting Packets

Annual meeting mailings are greatly simplified with LetterStream's Express Letter tool. You can add pre-stamped return envelopes, secret ballot envelopes and color paper options all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Whether your annual meeting mailing needs one sheet of paper or twenty, we can eliminate the headaches and get your mailing out on time, helping you comply with even the most complex bylaws.

Read more about how we can help with these complex mailings.

Donor Mailings

Your organization relies on help from your supporters.

We can help you reach out to them and remind them of just how important they are to your operation. Allowing you more time to do what you do best.

HIPAA and Privacy Mailings

Yes, we are HIPAA compliant!

As your HIPAA "business associate" we take privacy and security very seriously. Our facility is secured with proximity cards and visitor logging. All data transfer is done using SSL. All of our full-time staff members have taken a HIPAA training course and are HIPAA certified and all new employees are trained on the importance of HIPAA and information privacy and security.


We produce many different formats!

Whether you are looking for a simple one page folded and tabbed newsletter or something more intricate, we will work with you to provide a fast, high-quality solution.

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FedEx 2Day Letters

Extreme speed and precision!

If you need to get a letter out right now and you need it delivered in a hurry, this is the product you need to use. Sure, it may cost you a little more, but not only will we mail your documents via FedEx 2nd Day Delivery, we'll print them too! This will get your documents to their destination in 2 business days. We can print and send up to 40 pages (additional fees apply for extra pages), just make sure your document is ready for us to print by 3 pm Arizona time.

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Registered Mail

It's like Certified Mail for other countries

Registered Mail is very similar to Certified Mail except it has tighter internal controls at the Post Office and it is available for every country in the world. We provide online proofs, online tracking and online signatures all wrapped in our quick-and-easy process.