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Certified Mail Options

Windowed Certified Letter

Starting at $7.84 each*
*without signature receipt
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  • Certified Mail - printed and mailed by LetterStream
  • No forms to fill out, no green cards to file or keep track of
  • Fast and easy online tracking
  • Send hundreds (or just one) in a couple minutes


Does your PDF document already contain addresses merged into them? If so, check out our Pre-Addressed PDF option.

Certified Flats

Starting at $9.20 each*
*without signature receipt
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  • Same great features as our other Certified Mail product
  • Can accommodate up to 50 sheets of paper
  • Your documents are not folded, but arrive in pristine condition


First Class Letter Options

Certified Mail HIGHLIGHTS

LetterStream pioneered creating Certified Mail online nearly a decade ago and have been improving the process and making customers smile ever since. Our Certified Mail provides easier USPS certified mail tracking than nearly any other way of sending Certified Mail. You'll never need to enter a 20-digit tracking number again; simply click on the recipient's name. You'll also never need to sort, file and store green cards as we capture signatures directly from the United States Postal Service and provide them in your mailing history.

Our process is so easy and straightforward that you can create a piece of mail right now, faster than we can explain the process to you. Why not give it a try.

Pricing Options -- So Many !

  • Add $.06 for additional side black and white printing.
  • Add $.12 for additional sheet with black ink on one side.
  • Add $.03 for color paper
  • Add $.20 per printed side for full color printing
  • Add $.15 for a return envelope
  • Add $.93 for a return envelope with a first-class stamp
  • Add as many sheets as necessary.
  • Add $.28 for each additional ounce (we'll help you determine that)

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