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Send to international addresses and get tracking information included using Registered Mail.

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Registered Mail stamp on a Registered Mail envelope for secure mailing and tracking.

Send Mail Internationally with Registered Mail

If you need to send a letter to an international address with tracking information included, then the best option we currently offer would be to send it as Registered Mail.

We need to be clear upfront that this option might not be the best option for everyone depending on your situation, but you've come to the right place to find out if it is!

LetterStream is NOT able to send Certified Mail to international addresses which is where Registered Mail might be an alternative way to send your letters, depending on some variables. Keep in mind, there are differences between sending Registered Mail through our website and sending it directly through the USPS, but we'll explain all you need to know here!

Understanding the Reality of Registered Mail

Sending Registered letters through LetterStream is just as easy as sending Certified Mail pieces. They are no different than any other mail we produce when it comes to processing them on our end. However, there are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Currently, we only send Registered Mail to international addresses and not domestically (within the US).
  2. While Registered Mail tracking is included, updated and accurate tracking details are NOT guaranteed. Once the letter lands in the destination country, a new courier is responsible for delivery and may or may not follow the proper protocols. Unfortunately, this can also cause a delay, making it take a long time to be delivered. In addition, the signature confirmation is also NOT guaranteed, which is important to be aware of.
Red Registered Mail label from the USPS.

Why Showcase A Product In A Not-So Great Light?

You may be wondering "why would LetterStream paint one of their products in such a low light?" Here's the lowdown:

Producing Registered letters is quite easy for us and our website makes them easy for you to send. This means you can expect all the amazing benefits that LetterStream provides, just like all the other products we offer!

However, we would rather be upfront and set correct expectations about the delivery side of the process, because this product doesn't seem to be the most reliable. We offer it to our customers because some organizations and individuals may be required to send certain letters via Registered Mail.

Usually, they will need to provide evidence that they mailed something, but their requirements stop there as no one can guarantee the successful delivery of an International Registered letter.

If you're required to send letters as Registered Mail, than we're here to help you achieve that.

Send Registered Mail Now

Sending USPS Registered Mail

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Enhanced Security

Tracking Capabilities

Delivery Confirmation

Registered Mail Pricing

If we're being honest, the cost might be the least desirable part of this product.

The cost for sending Registered Mail online varies but starts at around $30 per letter. However, please note that this is a starting price, and the actual cost could be higher depending on the specific details of your mailing (such as page count, recipient count, color printing, etc.)

Windowed Registered Letter

starts at

No More Trips To The Post Office And No Supplies Needed

Upload your international mail piece into your online portal and we handle the rest!
A roll of Registered Mail labels with Registered Mail barcodes

Who Is Registered Mail For?

Registered Mail is best served for individuals or businesses who are required to send letters with tracking information outside of the US. Often it serves well those needing to send legal documents, financial records or any other valuable information that must be tracked internationally.


So what are the upsides to sending Registered mail through LetterStream? You can upload your international mail piece into your online portal - and we handle the rest! Sending Registered letters through our website is a breeze, just like all other products we offer. It's once we hand your Registered Mail over for delivery where it can get a bit blurry.

Close up of a Registered Mail barcode with Registered Mail tracking
Registered Mail envelope with Registered Mail tracking on one side and the other has the Registered mail pink slip.

International Mail Tracking

A Registered letter includes tracking information that allows you to monitor the progress of your international letter. Track your Registered Mail by entering the 20-digit tracking number on the USPS website or directly within your LetterStream account. Again, accurate tracking isn't guaranteed, but you can see the most up-to-date tracking details that have been provided up to that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both services offered by the USPS, but they have distinct differences. Registered provides comprehensive proof of mailing, enhanced security measures, tracking capabilities, and insurance coverage up to $25,000. It requires signatures from each person who handles the item and offers a higher level of security and can be sent internationally. On the other hand, when you send Certified Mail it offers proof of mailing, limited security, and the option to add tracking and signature confirmation for an additional fee. It does not include insurance coverage by default.
Simply login to your LetterStream account, click on Send Letters and then choose Registered Mail. Follow the steps to upload your jobs, add in addresses, proof your mailing and then we handle the rest.
Registered Mail does require a signature upon delivery. It provides an extra level of security and accountability by obtaining a signature from the recipient or an authorized person at the delivery address. This helps ensure that the letter or package reaches the intended recipient and provides proof of delivery.
Delivery can take 3-6 weeks, or more, depending on the destination country. All of your addresses must be international (outside of the US) and include the country. It's important to keep in mind that the postal service may not always capture every action or update in the tracking information, so it could take some time for the letter to be delivered or returned to you. If your mail has been accepted and is being tracked by the postal service, it's recommended to give it some extra time.
The exact cost of Registered Mail can vary depending on factors such as the weight of the item, the destination, and any additional services or options you choose. To determine the cost of sending Registered Mail through LetterStream, I recommend taking a few minutes to create your mailing and enter the specific details. This will allow you to see the exact cost based on the options you select. This includes Registered Mail tracking as well.
Registered Mail is not the fastest option when it comes to sending mail. In fact, delivery can take 3-6 weeks, or more, depending on the destination country.
If Registered Mail cannot be delivered to the intended recipient, it is typically returned to the sender rather than being forwarded. The purpose of Registered Mail is to provide added security and tracking, so if delivery is not possible, the item is usually returned to the sender's address.
Yes it is! You can send your Registered letter internationally and you can keep tabs on it through a USPS tracking barcode included in your mailing.
Yes, however, if it is sent to a PO box then no one is there to sign for it. Instead, the postal carrier will make a delivery attempt and leave a notice in the box, informing the recipient that they can pick up the letter at their local Post Office.
Yes, the recipient or an authorized person at the delivery address is required to provide a signature upon delivery.