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Certificate of Mailing

USPS Certificate of Mailing

Prove you mailed to someone with a Certificate of Mailing.

When you need proof from the United States Postal Service (USPS) that you mailed a letter to someone you might think that Certified Mail is the best way to go. However there is a less costly solution depending on exactly what your needs are. A Certificate of Mailing provides proof that you MAILED a letter to a SPECIFIC ADDRESS. It does not contain tracking, it does not tell you if someone ever received the piece; it simply is proof from the USPS that they accepted a letter from a specific sender that was addressed to a specific address.

If you need mail piece tracking or notice of delivery, you may be more interested in Certified Mail.

What is a Certificate of Mailing?

A Certificate of Mailing is simply a date-stamped receipt by the USPS acknowledging that they received a piece of mail that was addressed to a specific address. This process can be used for any quantity of mail pieces.

When would I need a Certificate of Mailing?

When do I need a certificate of mailing?

Any time someone asks you to send a letter or a batch of letters and needs you to prove that you really did, this is probably the product for you. Another instance for this product might be to improve your internal accountability. For instance, if you are sending out mail that typically causes recipients to lose track of it or to want to claim that they never received it, this might be the proof you need to substantiate the fact that the letter was actually mailed to them.

If you are legally obligated to provide proof that you sent a letter to a specific address, a Certificate of Mailing may accommodate your needs. But double check with your legal counsel just to make sure.

How does it work?

If you want a Certificate of Mailing on a current or upcoming mailing project, simply give us a call and let us know; we'll take care of the rest.

We'll print and mail your documents just like you are accustomed to with the additional benefit of collecting a receipt from the USPS saying that they received a mailing for all the addresses you are sending letters to. The process is so simple you'll think you are missing a step or two, but not to worry, we'll take care of all the details.

We offer two different versions of this service

The first version we offer provides you with the Certificate of Mailing for your mailing. It's fairly simple. We collect the receipt from the USPS and post it online with your mailing job for you to access any time you need. We charge $1.98 for each letter plus $24 for the mailing as a whole. (If you have less than 5 pieces, you might be better off sending via Certified Mail or use our grouped certificate.)

The second version is a grouped certificate where we print and mail your letters along with those of other customers who are asking for the same service. We don't return a list of addresses that you are mailing to, but we do flag your job on our website as one that you've paid for this service. Any time you need, we can provide you with a copy of the signed and date-stamped Certificate of Mailing showing the piece of mail that you are looking to prove that you've mailed. For this method we charge $1.98 per letter, and a $6.00 electronic copy research and delivery fee per recipient address that we look up. We'll need 24 hours to generate the Certificate in this method. If you don't think you'll need to request receipts very often, this might be a very cost effective way to prove that you sent a letter to a specific address.