Check Printing and Mailing

Check Printing Made Easy

Our secure facility and attention to detail makes us the right choice for your outsourced check printing and mailing needs. Whether you want to provide your own pre-printed forms or choose to use blank, secure paper stock, we can accommodate your needs.

Why use LetterStream?

Check Printing and Mailing
  • Secure, limited access facility
  • Broad range of data encryption tools
  • Tremendous capacity
  • Attention to detail
  • MICR toner for printing bank-readable codes
  • Variable data experts
  • Broad variety of paper stock
  • Fast processing times

How to Start

While no two check printing and mailing projects are exactly alike, an overview of the process is shown below:

Client provides or decides upon the paper stock.

Client provides a sample check or mockup of what they want the check to look like.

Client decides whether they will send a data file to merge with a check template or a pre-composed pdf file that just needs to be printed.

The check design and layout is agreed upon and samples are created.

The client provides the check data file containing check numbers, payee, amount, date, memo notes and any other variable data for the stub or letter, or they provide a printable pdf file.

LetterStream prints, folds, inserts and mails your checks according to your timeframe and expectations.

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We strive to create automated process for all check printing and mailing needs. This results in a more consistent product, and a quicker turn-around time.

Our desire is to provide a secure login to our website for transmitting your data, but we also offer secure ftp and data file encryption and decryption methods.