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Print and Mail Solutions for Self-Managed HOAs

A simplified process to help self-managed community managers simplify the process of communicating with homeowners through print and mail solutions.

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Letterstream is the solution you've been needing for Self-Managed HOA communities.

LetterStream is the perfect solution to help self-managed HOA communities print and mail annual meeting notices, violation letters, invoices and more.

With over 20 years of printing and mailing experience for HOA organizations, we have perfected the art of giving you your time back to handle mission critical tasks without breaking the bank.

Self-managed communities often believe that doing things at a low cost and with a group of community volunteers is the least expensive option. However, that might not be the case.

The truth is supplies are expensive. Postage machines leases are a pain. Trips to the post or office supply store take time and money. Not to mention your time is valuable and needed in other areas within the homeowner's association, yet you're spending it in places that aren't necessary. On top of that, mailings often go out late putting you in violation of state laws for not properly notifying members before the latest dues increase. It's a draining process for self-managed HOAs, their board of directors and community officers and usually costs more than you realize.

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How Mailing HOA Letters Work

With LetterStream we make it so simple you'll be questioning why you never used us sooner. We do all the printing, folding, inserting and mailing for you and you never buy more than you need; you always buy the exact right amount because we only charge you for the supplies that you mail. Plus 99% of mailings go out by the next business day, so you never have to worry about a late mailing again.

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Providing Solutions For:

Homeowner Statements

Ballot Mailings

Annual Meeting Notices

Welcome Packets

Violation Letters

General Announcement Postcards

Coupons Books

Whatever Else You May Need
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LetterStream Prints and Mails:

  • Self-managed HOA statements
  • Self-managed violation letters
  • Self-managed HOA mailings
  • HIPPA and privacy mailings
  • Donor mailings
  • Ballot and proxy mailings
  • Certified Mail and FedEx 2Day letters
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HOA Pricing

Cost for sending HOA letters differ based on the type of mailing you are doing:

  • Statements starting at $1.18
  • Certified Mail starting at $7.84
  • Coupon Sheets starting at $2.03
  • Postcards starting at $.81
  • First-Class Annual Meeting Notices starting at $1.18
  • Large Envelopes starting at $2.54
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starts at

starts at

No More Trips To The Post Office And No Supplies Needed

Upload your HOA letters and notices into your online portal and we handle the rest!
A group of small houses that are all similar representing a self managed homeowners association on green grass


  • No set up fees
  • No monthly fees
  • Pay only for what you send
  • Allows for multiple users and roles
  • Send practically any HOA mailing
  • Send as few as one letter or send bulk mailings
  • Easily create your mailing in 2 minutes or less


  • Just because you self-manage doesn't mean you need to self-mail
  • Costs less than doing it yourself
  • Create your mailings in just minutes
  • No more struggling to find volunteers to help send out HOA mail
  • Mailing history is maintained so future BODs can see prior activity
  • Our easy-to-use website allows you to quickly get new board members or staff up to speed quickly
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A self-managed HOA community gathering with community members and families having a BBQ in front of the houses.

Tips and Tricks

Many HOA board members of self-managed communities don't prioritize Hoa-specific community management software, instead they opt to use QuickBooks.

Sending QB documents to LetterStream is a breeze. If possible, remove the black border from around the delivery address. We aren't Sue why QB has been using that box for so many years, it doesn't help mail get delivered. If you can't, don't worry, it will still work. Print your documents to pdf and upload the single pdf file with all your documents. Choose the option that your addresses are in your document.

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More HOA Printing and Mailing Services

Not a self-managed HOA? Learn more about how we can help Property Managers, Community Management Companies, software provides and those who use lockbox services with a full selection of printing and mailing products for their HOA mailings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can send all of your home owners association documents including HOA statements, HOA violation letters, HOA mailings, HOA coupon booklets, HOA welcome packets, HOA documents.
No monthly fees or set up fees (unless you need something really custom) and no minimum requirements.
Our process is easy to use whether you're a self-managed community, a community manager for a big HOA or work for a software company integrated with homeowners associations. Once you get the process down you can create mailings in 2 minutes or less.
Yes, we make the process easy for self-managed home owner associations to use Quickbook with LetterStream.
No problem, all you have to do is a word merge with your documents.
No, but our Certified Mail solution is a great option to prove you sent something since you get a proof of mailing, can track the letter and can opt in for an electronic return receipt of the recipients signature. This also helps if you ever need to get attorney involved.
Yes, but they should all have different usernames.
Yes we can. 99% of all mailings go out by next business day, while 50% of mailings go out same day. If you absolutely have to get a mailing out the same day that is guaranteed to go out then we do offer an expedited option that you can choose when creating your job.