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Upload your Documents Now and We'll do the Rest
When it comes to your mailing needs, we take care of everything. Simply upload your files, and we handle the printing, insertion, and delivery to USPS or FedEx for mailing or shipping. Say goodbye to supply runs and trips to the post office. Let us be your direct mailing fulfillment experts
No Trips


Save money and time by eliminating the hassle of driving and waiting in line at your local post office. Bid farewell to the USPS and office supply stores. We've got you covered.
No Minimums


Need to send a single letter? Not an issue. Have 10,000 letters to send? No Problem, we can handle it.
Mailing History


Wondering if the post office can keep track of the mailing projects you sent, to whom, and when? Well, we can. Our system allows for easy searchability and retrieval of your mailing history.
Less Than One Dollar


Experience our flexible and cost-effective service with first-class letters and postcards that start at about a dollar. Prices may vary based on factors such as additional pages, color printing, or other complexities.
No Fees


We have a couple of options that require a monthly fee, but you can choose to utilize your free account for as long as you want. You'll only pay for the mail you send!
No Equipment Needed


Forget about scales, postage meters, and folding machines. In fact, you don't even need a printer.
Explore Some of Our Products
Send one or send thousands Certified Letters
Starting at $.76 each Postcards
Creative mailings, fast! Letters
need it there tomorrow? FedEx 2Day
check print and mail solutions Checks & Payments
Certified Mail outside the USA Registered Mail
From $1.01 each... Statements and Invoices
Just pennies per address. Address List Certification

Superior Online Printing and Mailing Services

For over 15 years, LetterStream has been the go-to provider for comprehensive mailing services. We specialize in leveraging the postal service' expertise to deliver exceptional mail service with unmatched speed and precision.

Our efficient cloud based mailing services streamline the process of delivering your mail. Whether you need personalized mailings, priority, or bulk distribution, we ensure timely delivery to your intended recipients. You can upload your files to mail first-class letters, certified mail, postcards, statements, invoices, bills, collection letters, direct mail campaigns, brochures or whatever else you need to ship. We understand the importance of speed in today's fast-paced world, and our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure your mail reaches its destination promptly.

Designed with power for Fortune 500 companies but with simplicity for individual users, our website is rich with features for all levels of individuals within your organization. Complete with APIs and branded website options, we even empower other printing and mailing organizations to do more with mail with less resources. Our mailing experts and one stop shop service options are here to save time and money.

Partnering with the postal service, we utilize their extensive network and resources to facilitate efficient mail service. Our strong relationships with postal providers enable us to navigate the intricacies of the system, ensuring your mailings are handled with utmost care and delivered promptly. We prioritize the secure and timely transportation of every piece of mail.

Mail Services that Allow you to Manage Postage Costs without Sacrificing Speed or Security

At LetterStream, we are committed to delivering your mail with exceptional speed. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies and optimized workflows to expedite the processing and delivery of your mail. Our advanced systems and tools allow for seamless tracking and monitoring, providing you with real-time visibility into the status of your mailings.

Our industry leading customer support will be there to answer any questions with your mailing order. Our security protocols insure the security of your account at all times.

Experience the reliability, value and efficiency of our company with industry leading mailing services. Whether you need mail service for your business correspondence or any other mailing needs, trust LetterStream to deliver your mail with unmatched speed, precision, and professionalism.

What our customers say

100% Recommend Letterstream! Letterstream is fantastic and easy to use! Makes my job so much easier. The representatives are always eager to help and super friendly. I would highly recommend using Letterstream!


Surpassed my expectations! We had a large certified letter job on a short time frame. Not only was their system easy to use when importing our jobs, but they were able to have the job finish ahead of schedule. I highly recommend them!

S. Kistner - Heartland

"Letterstream has been my lifesaver. I work for a community of around 2000 residents, and with Letterstream, I am able to get letters out to all those residents in no time! Their staff is so friendly and helpful. They are not satisfied until you are satisfied."

Brooke W.

Your company has thought of so many options, it's awesome. The fact that users can put envelopes inside the mailings... and even address and stamp those envelopes... is really cool. Aand the icing on the cake for me is the user controls you've implemented... We can restrict so someone at our office must approve the mail to actually be sent. GENIUS!

T Smith, Property MGMT Services

"I highly recommend Letterstream to any company who is looking for the best of the best printing company. I have never worked with a vendor who is always there when you need them, helpful, great customer service and resourceful. The best of the best - that's what Letterstream is!"

Marie D.

"Letterstream is an awesome way to send your letters. They have many different options and ways to send your letters. It is a fast and easy way to not only send your letters but also keep record of the letters that go out. My letters always go out in an efficient and expedited manner."

Rachel F.

Once again, I love your system! The ability to make changes without phone calls, etc., plus the tracking that lets us know what's happening every step of the way, really comes in handy (especially in rush times like today)."

David D, Ohio