Statement and Invoice Printing and Mailing

Statement and Invoice Printing and Mailing

Outsourcing your Monthly Statements

Let's face it, printing and mailing your monthly statements can get a bit out of control sometimes, especially if you are using internal staff to fold, stuff and seal envelopes. Many organizations try to mail their statements internally often because they don't know that LetterStream can provide this service. Other companies believe that sending statements can be done more economically in-house. Either way, here are some thoughts to consider before you apply that next postage stamp.

LetterStream has been printing and mailing statements and invoices for distribution companies for over a decade. Our speed and attention to detail frees up our clients to focus on more mission-critical tasks. Many organizations recognize the value of outsourcing statement mailings and we have proven our trustworthiness to assist our diverse list of clients.

If outsourcing mail seems like it would be too costly, consider these questions that you've probably already asked yourself: Why didn't my staff get my invoices mailed on time? Why don't we have the necessary mailing supplies on hand? Who is available to take our mail to the post office? Is my staff's time more valuable than licking envelopes? Do I have the best lease rates on my postage meter? How much is postage these days? Can I get envelopes shipped to me overnight? Why is absenteeism high on the last day of the month? Is there a company I can outsource my monthly statements to? How much cash flow am I missing out on because my statements didn't mail when they should have? Let us help you put these questions to rest.

Contact LetterStream to learn how outsourcing your mailings can be a very strategic accomplishment for you this year.

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