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HOA Lockbox Options Available

LetterStream can easily print and mail your HOA statements and coupon sheets, meeting the requirements to be accepted at HOA lockboxes!

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HOA Banks and lockbox
Blue design of a bank to represent HOA lockboxes done through banks

What is an HOA Lockbox Solution?

What is a lockbox solution for HOAs and how is it used for community management companies?

A lockbox is a name for the role banks play in receiving and depositing homeowner association payments for you.

The current process for utilizing a lockbox for HOAs involves homeowners sending their regular homeowner payments for community dues and monthly assessments to a PO box addressed to your bank. The bank opens the mail, scans the check and payment coupon and deposits all the money into the HOAs bank account automatically.

Why Use An HOA Lockbox Service?

The lockbox process streamlines HOA payment processing by eliminating the work for your Accounts Receivable department when it comes to receiving homeowner dues. Instead of having them do the manual check processing for HOA's (meaning they get all the mail, match it up to the homeowner, credit the homeowner's account and deposit the money by running the micr code through a scanner connected to your accounting software), the bank easily does it all. Plus, they send a deposit file to your accountant letting them know your funds have been deposited. With the number of homeowner checks processed each year, it really is quite a savings.

If you intend to use an HOA lockbox operation to process your Accounts Receivables (AR) then this page is for you. Even if you are undecided about lockbox operations, getting educated about the process and laying the groundwork early will help make the switch easier down the road.

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An HOA house with money in a jar next to it on a table to represent an HOA lockbox for sending money from banks to HOA homes

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How Does LetterStream Help with Lockbox Services?

Although LetterStream does not offer actual lockbox services (the banks handle that side of it), we are capable of printing and mailing HOA documents that can be sent and processed by a lockbox. We have the correct paper and envelopes and since we've been experts in the HOA industry for over 20 years, we know the expectations for printing and mailing HOA statements, invoices, violation letters, coupon books and more.

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Pricing to send HOA mail that can be sent to lockboxes includes:

  • Statements starting at $1.18
  • Certified Mail starting at $7.84
  • Coupon Sheets starting at $2.03
  • Postcards starting at $.81
  • First-Class Annual Meeting Notices starting at $1.18
  • Large Envelopes starting at $2.54
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Money bag on a scale with an HOA house with a map of a homeowners association community behind it to represent using a lockbox for HOA dues


  • Use our pre-flight tool to make sure your scan line is in the correct location for fast processing.
  • Pick from payment coupon books, coupons sheets, tear-off miniature remittances, or 1/3rd perforated tear-off coupons.
  • We have all the coupon paper you could need, in various forms and in stock at all times.
  • We have various remittance/return envelopes in stock and our preflight tool will help you decide what you need.
  • We can process a single coupon or as many as you need.


  • Banks appreciate our standardized remittance coupons and often give us quick approval.
  • We have an extremely high accuracy rate on coupon production and excellence.
  • Moving your payment processing to a lockbox reduces the time and labor required to get your money deposited into the bank.
  • Lockbox operations are secure and reduce the chance of financial theft of HOA dues.
Two cell phones one sending money and the other receiving it like an HOA lockbox transaction

List of HOA Printing and Mailing Services

Want to learn more about all of our homeowner association services that are helpful to HOA self-managed communities, HOA community management companies and HOA software companies? Click the link below to see how LetterStream can help your community with printing and mailing needs.

A stack of #10 envelopes with HOA statements included and a #9 return envelope for HOA community managers to send to HOA community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but there are many banks that offer this service. We can print and mail HOA documents that can then be sent to and processed by a lockbox.
No, you'll need to call banks to see who might offer it, or you could review the list of partner banks shown below.
Well, we don't really know as we haven't been exposed to all banks. However, we have had great success with all the banks that we've worked with.
You'll need a tear off or cut out payment coupon on the bottom of your statement and special numbers printed on the bottom of the coupon so that high speed scanning equipment can easily find and interpret these numbers.
For the most part, yes. Lockbox scanning equipment is manufactured by just a few companies and they have similar specifications.
We have an online Pre-flight tool that you can load your document into for testing. This tool will tell you whether your scan line is in the correct place or not.
For the most part, no. Occasionally our clients want us to build a special template for them in which case additional fees may apply.
Yes and no. We offer it, but only through the use of our service. We don't sell cases of unprinted coupon paper. However, we do offer a variety of perforated paper types with our print and mail service.
Yes, we offer them on our mail-building website as option pieces to include in your mailing. We have a variety of sizes to fit your coupon needs.