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Software Integrations for HOAs and Property Management Companies

Integrating with an HOA software company to send HOA mailings and property management mailings has never been easier.

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Letterstream Easily Integrates With Software Providers For HOA Mailings

Let's get right to the point. Our customers love us but they often wonder, "can I use you with our new software providers?"

The answer is yes!

We encourage our HOA users to find software providers that integrate with LetterStream to further the efficiency that we provide. Our software partners can send your documents directly to LetterStream for printing and mailing.

If you're wondering why API for HOA print and mail is important here's why: Integrating an API with software companies is the solution managed communities and self-managed communities have been needing. No more in-house mailings and no more going to the post office, instead we simplify mailings for improved homeowner communications by sending HOA letters directly from your software.

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Providing Solutions For:

Homeowner Statements

Coupons Books

Welcome Packets

Annual Meeting Notices

Violation Letters

General Announcement Postcards

Ballot Mailings

Whatever Else You May Need

No More Trips To The Post Office And No Supplies Needed

Upload your HOA letters and notices into your online portal and we handle the rest!


The price to send your HOA letters depends on which type of mailing you choose. We offer everything from Certified Mail, Certified Mail with Return Receipt (ERR) and Certified Flats to statement mailings, coupons and postcards.

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  • Integrating with one of our partners speeds up the process of sending your documents to LetterStream
  • Documents are transferred to LetterStream using state of the art encryption to keep your document secure
  • Most HOA documents can be sent through our partner integrations to send hoa mail automatically
  • Our multi-facility production team can produce large quantities of mail quickly
  • Easily send HOA violations using Certified Mail


HOAs can easily send the following:

  • Save even more time by having your documents automatically sent to LetterStream for printing and mailing
  • Full integrations allow you to see mailing and tracking data directly in your accounting or community software by sending as Certified Mail
  • Each integration partner has their own set of benefits, so if you are shopping for software, contact each vendor before making a final decision
  • We make you look good by providing outstanding speed and accuracy, eliminating headaches for you and your customers
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For Software Companies

Wondering how to integrate your software with LetterStream? It's easy!

If your software currently creates pdf files, you can integrate with LetterStream in as quickly as an afternoon. Send an email to support@letterstream.com asking for access to our API specifications and that will get the process started for you.

In fact, there's a good chance your customers already love LetterStream.

We offer two integration types:

  • We allow companies to easily pass documents into your clients' LetterStream account for approval and payment.
  • Or, you can easily hide LetterStream in the background and no one will know... unless you tell them.
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API Process

To provide fulfillment for these software providers, we offer an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows for easy integration with their systems. This API enables the software providers to connect their platforms directly to our printing and mailing services. Through this integration, they can send data files containing the necessary information for printing and mailing, such as invoices, statements, intent to lien letters, late notices, collection letters, HOA violation letters, new homeowner packets, fine notices, postcards and coupons.

By utilizing our API, the software providers can automate the process of sending Homeowners Association dues, notices, fees and documents to us for printing and mailing. This streamlines the workflow for HOAs, saving them time and effort. Our API documentation provides detailed instructions and examples to assist software developers in implementing the integration successfully.

HOA Software Companies

Cinc Systems

CINC is a fully integrated cloud-based association accounting and property management software system. Designed specifically to meet the total needs of Homeowner Association Management companies like yours, CINC offers comprehensive financial management with enhanced user features that automate and professionalize many of your most time-consuming daily tasks.


eUnify is the leading high-end solution providing robust yet cost-effective interactive web portals and mobile Homeowner Association property management software to associations and management companies. The customizable Community Portals are powerful, flexible and affordable for your specific needs.

Caliber Software / ReefPoint

Caliber is a full accounting and integrated property management software product designed for Homeowner Association property management companies and self-managed HOAs. It leverages state-of-the-art design and technology to enable seamless management of your associations.

Village Management Software / TeamSoft

Teamsoft and its Village Management Software is a suite of management tools including everything from accounting, compliance, collections and delinquency control, to interactive web modules allowing residents, property managers, board members and vendors to interact and communicate in real-time.


What sets ENUMERATE apart from so many other residential property management software applications is that it was designed by association managers and bookkeepers for association managers and bookkeepers. That translates into an intuitive interface, user-friendly screens, and clear workflows. You won't find tech jargon here, just really approachable property management software that works for you.

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Learn more about how we can help self-managed HOAs, community management companies, property management companies and those who use lockbox services with a full selection of printing and mailing products for their HOA mailings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your current software provider in our list, shoot us an email asking us if we have recently integrated your software with mail capability. If not, you might want to reach out to your current software provider and ask when they will be integrated with LetterStream. Sometimes just asking is enough to start the ball rolling.
Gee we wish we knew the answer to that one. With the tremendous reviews that customers give us for being fast, easy, affordable and awesome with our automated mailings you'd think everyone would want to make it better.
No. If you have created custom mailing templates in your HOA software or mail app, the templates should work exactly as they are when you use the integration.
API means application programming interface, but it is seldom spelled out. It is a set of shared computer instructions for business partners to move data back and forth automatically. Sometimes this is referred to as an integration.
You'll want to ask your current (or future) software vendor to see which documents they are currently passing to LetterStream. We will take any document type that our partners pass to us, so check with them on their current list.
Yes, we always support our customers! We have a 24/7 chatbot available on our website and our awesome customer service support team is available to help but most answers can be found on our website to questions needed. For example, you can type in "How to send HOA violations" and it will provide you a response on what to do. There may be also be some areas of support that we'll need to direct you back to your software provider for.