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99% Of All HOA Mailings Go Out Next Day

A simplified process for communicating with homeowners utilizing HOA printing and mailing services allowing you to send HOA mail from anywhere.

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Three houses in a homeowner association community center with cars in the driveway and a sunset behind showcasing a nicely kept HOA community.
A stack of HOA secret ballot envelopes that HOA community members can send back to HOA community managers.

Letterstream Helps HOA Community Managers Streamline Their HOA Mailings

LetterStream, a Virtual HOA Mailroom, offers a variety of printing and mailing solutions specifically tailored for HOA community management companies. Stop sending HOA mail internally, stop burning out staff doing mailings and stop using vendors who make the process more complicated. Instead let us do all the work for you. Our services include printing and mailing statements, annual meeting notices, postcards, thick packet mailings, violation letters and more.

We understand the importance of effective communication with homeowners, which is why we provide convenient online job creation, real-time proofs and accept data files from most community management software.

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Providing Solutions For:

Homeowner Statements

Coupons Sheets

Proxy and Ballots

Annual Meeting Notices

Welcome Packets

Violation Letters

General Announcement Postcards

Whatever Else You May Need


The price to send your HOA community management letters depends on which type of mailing you choose. We offer everything from First-Class Mail, Certified Mail, Certified Mail with Return Receipt (ERR), FedEx 2Day, Flats and Postcards.

  • Statements starting at $1.18
  • Certified Mail starting at $7.84
  • Coupon Sheets starting at $2.03
  • Postcards starting at $.81
  • First-Class Annual Meeting Notices starting at $1.18
  • Large Envelopes starting at $2.54
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No More Trips To The Post Office And No Supplies Needed

Upload your HOA community letters and notices into your online portal and we handle the rest!
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  • Thick packet mailings offered for Homeowners Association Annual Meeting Agenda packets
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Multiple users and roles allowed
  • Easily send complex mailings
  • HOA software partners
  • Works with lockbox solutions


  • Send HOA mail from anywhere
  • Close your HOA mailroom
  • Send HOA statements instantly
  • Eliminate HOA mail vendor headaches
  • Send HOA directly from your community management software
  • Send and track violation letters easily with USPS Certified Mail
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A row of mailboxes out front of a homeowner association community to represent the different homes in an HOA community.
A row of white and grey nicely kept houses in an HOA management community that all look the same.

Tips and Tricks

Community management staff who are responsible for the annual meeting packet for your HOA know just how crazy those mailings can get. However, LetterStream offers ways to make the process a piece of cake. Not only are different document types offered but you can choose paper size, single or double-sided, with or without a return envelope and if you want a secret ballot included. Plus, you can choose to have your proxy printed on one colored sheet of paper and your HOA ballot on another color. What makes this process so easy is that most of the options are simply check boxes that need to be clicked to be activated.

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All HOA Printing and Mailing Solutions

LetterStream not only works with homeowner association community management companies, but we also work with self-managed HOAs, HOA software providers and we work with those who use lockbox services through their bank. To find out more click the link below.

A stack of #10 envelopes with HOA statements included and a #9 return envelope for HOA community managers to send to HOA community members.